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Time Lapse Video – Jeep Frame Swap

Time Lapse Video – Jeep Frame Swap

Here was my first attempt at a time lapse movie. The project was to swap out a cracked jeep frame for a new one. With all the preparations completed and the new frame prepared, I set up my Canon XTI on a tripod in the second floor window, and using the EOS Utility Software had my computer shoot 1 picture every 30 seconds. For the most part it ran for 3 straight days (the first night stopped shooting for a few hours for some reason.) Once the movie was completed, I compiled the 3000 plus shots in Quicktime, and then processed it in a movie editing program (windows movie maker maybe, I’m not sure) It was a tough project but the jeep, and the video, came out great with the help of some great friends! Enjoy~

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